“Eat to live, live to eat”

I think this is a GREAT way to start off my blog. This quote brings up two very valid points. Most would say the first part of the statement is the correct one. In my mind they both are true! Yes, we need food to physically stay alive, but who wants to be alive and not indulge in the joys and pleasures of food. Food is involved in almost all aspects of life. Weddings, grad parties, Friday nights, wine tasting, tailgates, meetings, reunions, movie theaters it goes ON and ON. Why try to avoid these life events for the sake of restricting.

Follow my blog and I will show you how to embrace food and fit it in to everyday without the stress, guilt or worry about anything! Learn to love food by checking out my plates as well as my daily habits and decide if it is something that would work for you! Whether you want to lose weight, prevent chronic disease or just feel good about choices, check out what I do each day to live a healthy, happy lifestyle.



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